Is Diddy a Narc: After years of silence new court documents state some disturbing things about the Cassie and Diddy relationship.

Is Diddy a Narc: After years of silence new court documents state some disturbing things about the Cassie and Diddy relationship.

The narc can smell the empath a mile away! 👀 Today's blog is on a different subject. After reviewing the court lawsuit documents let’s get into today’s Blog… Is Diddy a Narc?

In 2022, Diddy received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Awards. During his acceptance speech, Diddy stated, “I have to give a special shoutout,

thank you, love, to the people that was really there for me.” He named a number of people,

before adding, “and also Cassie, for holding me down in the dark times, love.” Diddy at the time just had a new baby he didn’t mention that woman (Joy…) and has been quite public with Yung Miami but also didn’t thank her either….it’s giving Narc Diddy (devaluing the current ladies for sure)….Although the internet was in a uproar, Cassie had been silent for years so while it was strange, most people shrugged it off. 

However think about this for a moment the person who allegedly abused her for years is now “shouting her out” she been focused on her family and healing from what she called memories that will haunt her forever. This may have been the trigger to make her feel compelled to act. Diddy is a very powerful man and I’m sure she went back and forth on the decision to go forward a few times, especially with all of the information she would have to expose about her private life in the process.**The whole time the NY survivors act timeframe was ticking and lawsuits take time. Additionally, I'm sure that since leaving him, the numerous occasions the documents indicted her fearing for her life and safety have only grown. So let’s get into this: first things are not always what they seem…. I say this because until Nov 16, 2023, everyone assumed that they had been in a long-term relationship that had ended for "some reason," either due to the fact that they had grown apart or simply because of the passing of time, and that Diddy was just out here being a bachelor because why wouldn’t he be? We haven’t made the narcissism call yet, but one thing I will say is narcissist typically come across as incredibly charismatic and charming. When "luring" in a new potential target, they are the easiest person to talk to and appear to understand everything you are saying. In reality, they are collecting data to learn how you think and operate. Everything they learn "can and will be used against you," because what better way to play you, my dear? By no means am I implying that all men are narcissists and intend only to take advantage of you. There are no absolutes! But today we'll be unpacking whether or not Diddy is, in my opinion a narcissist. E3spritualwomen is on the case let’s use this as a lesson, class is now in session.

I read a lot of comments that were posted online, while studying this topic and I noted a few things that were brought repeated such as "why did she stay for so long", "why didn't she just leave", "she just wants some money cause her new man ain't got Diddy money and now she feeling it" and other statements. In case you're saying, “oh no, never me” keep reading as we'll be discussing some of the factors the lawsuit discusses when asking, "Why did she stay?"

So how did they meet anyway?

Diddy and Cassie first crossed paths in late 2005 or early 2006, when he heard her debut single being played in a club and expressed interest in signing her to his record label, Bad Boy Records.At the time, she was 19 and he was 37. And within a few years the “good girl” had been swept up in a fast paced life of drugs and luxury and she was now in a relationship with her boss, one of hip hop’s biggest names. Within months, in February 2006, Cassie signed a ten-album deal (no comment) with Mr. Combs’s record label.

Flag on the play, a yellow one; so, he is going to help her with her dream and give her everything she ever wanted? That's what the 19-year-old girl chasing her dreams hopes, but hindsight is 20/20. It’s a lovely gesture but at what cost? What happens if the relationship ends?

Diddy "asserted complete control" over Cassie's life, both professionally and personally, the court documents state, “ensuring her inability to escape his hold.” He provided unprecedented avenues for success for the aspiring artist, but in return, demanded obedience, loyalty, and silence.” He offered the ambitious artist never-before-seen opportunities for success in exchange for the artist's obedience, allegiance, and silence.

Sidebar: They move in on you fast, the whirlwind, the nice facades can fade fast so the narcissist locks you in quickly. Gifts, and opportunities, things that only “they could do for you”.Manipulation and control doesn’t happen overnight. But in the “love bombing phase” you are swept off your feet. Wined and dined, treated so nicely, the perfect qualities are shown to lock you in and you can’t help but fall for them. After some time has passed, the narcissist typicallygrooms or breaks their victims into accepting their gaslighting and manipulative behaviors.

Cassie's first album, titled "Cassie," was released in August 2006, according to court documents; it debuted at number four on the U.S. Billboard 200, this proving Diddy’s connections and power to lock her in even further. You can imagine him saying, “I told you I could make you a star” ⭐️ but now she owes him even more and how will she ever repay him? In a perfect world she is his girlfriend so he just wants her to succeed right?

“While promoting her new album, Cassie made television appearances on MTV’s Total Request Live and BET’s 106 & Park” (lol, remember those shows y’all). During her appearances, “Cassie suffered from performance anxiety, and press outlets were highly critical of Cassie’s performances” on these shows.” Remember everyone used to say she couldn’t sing, especially when she was live, so of course she was scared to perform.

Diddy, made these comments to MTV News: “You could hear the nervousness in her voice. And to be honest, I kind of smiled at it, because it made me really appreciate what I really love about her: She’s a regular person. . . . It just made me appreciate that she got nervous, and it was kind of cute to me, to be honest. . . You’ve got to understand that success for her is coming out of nowhere. It’s just so huge, and sometimes everybody handles it differently.”

At the time, all it sounds like is that he is defending her and appreciating the fact that she is so “cute” and nervous. As I stated at the beginning, he could clearly see her a mile away, naïve, girl next door, looking for her big break.

The court document phrased the seeing her a mile away as follows: “Mr. Combs’(Diddy) recognition and glorification of Ms. Ventura’s (Cassie) naivete proved to set the groundwork for his manipulative and coercive romantic and sexual relationship with Cassie.” Over the next year the relationship grew; initially Cassie had a boyfriend but Diddy got him up out of there quickly and within a year of signing with Bad Boy Records, Diddy became deeply involved in Cassie’s life, (we all saw making the band, lol) almost immediately asserting possession and control over her, and inserting himself into all aspects of her career and her personal life.

Court documents state “Diddy positioned himself as a father figure and protector of Cassie.” It never starts off as full blown control, it might be cute at first, it is nice to be cared about. The lawsuit used this example, “after returning to New York after a trip to Las Vegas, during which she endured a brief hospital stay, Cassie, who by then was fully healthy, went out to a club with her friends. Of course she is 21 just came back in town her friends want to see her.

Court documents continue to explain “When Diddy saw her out, he reprimanded her, telling her to go home and take care of herself”. Isolation, it’s always cute until it ain’t.

At the time, Cassie thought that her record label was looking out for her wellbeing, and that Diddy had her best interests in mind.” Diddy also ensured he was intertwined with Cassie’s personal and social life, by inviting himself to Cassie’s 21st birthday party in Las Vegas. He also brought along famous musicians and producers, thereby flexing his celebrity lifestyle and influence in front of a young and impressionable girl.”

The documents spoke a few times about when she would try to slow things down with Diddy

Diddy raped Cassie in her own home after she tried to leave him;

Often punched, beat, kicked and stomped on her, resulting in bruises, burst lips, black eyes and bleeding (embarrassed, shame, isolated, nowhere to turn)

Blew up a man’s car after he learned that he was romantically interested in Cassie; (while attempting to date someone else finally)

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